Say Good Bye to Keys
Make Your Home Smarter

We provide best quality Smart Solar LED Light

Keys are just one way to open your doors.


Our products are designed with the environment in mind. Make your world smarter with ISCEA, 100% energy efficient, Environmental friendly and intelligent products. We provide best quality Smart locks cylinders and solar powered LED lights for commercial and residential uses. ISCEA gives you convenient, keyless digital locking that’s easy to install, use, control and manage.Doesn’t require any special preparation, wiring or drilling, it simply replaces your existing cylinder.
As a simple, convenient replacement of other lighting technologies, our Solar Powered LED Lights are easy to install and without complexity so you can immediately enjoy a beautifully lit space in a sustainable manner. Solar power system is one of the renewable energy system which use PV modules to convert sunlight to electricity.

Save Energy-Save Our World